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Nature + Technology

Common Uses of our products


Crystal quartz sands from Schlingmeier are indispensable raw materials in various industries. For more information, please click one of the applications in the following table.


Industry, Trade Applications and uses

Glass industry,

Fused silica industry

as glass sand for white container and flat glass, crystal glass, lead crystal, optical glass, special glass, technical glass, borosilicate glass, glass wool and fused silica bricks and tools

Foundry industry

foundry sand for molds and cores for metal castings

Construction materials and concrete industry

as raw material for premixed dry mortar, polymer cement concrete, textured plaster, sandy limestone, tiles, bricks, artificial cement stones, design and industrial floors etc.

Water purification

as filter sands and gravels according to EN 12904 : 1999

Blasting abrasives and substitutes for mechanical surface treatment

Ceramic industry, Extenders

for cement and resin bound mass, ceramic mass, filler, paints etc.

Iron processing and
refractory industry

as raw material for filler sands (sliding gate fillers), fire-proof silica bricks, silica ramming mixtures, repair systems etc.

Chemical industry

as raw material for sodium silicate (water glass) and SiC

Electronics industry

as fuse sands

Domestic animals hygiene, Aquaristic equipment

as bird sand, parrot sand, chinchilla sand, terrarium sand and coloured quartz

Leisure and
sports facilities

as special sand for playgrounds, riding-grounds, golf-courses, beach volleyball grounds, athletic grounds, artificial lawn etc.

Sanding and Spreading

as braking sand for trains and trams


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It is the duty of our contractual partner to check the suitability of the product for his specific application. Otherwise, our "General terms and conditions" apply.



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