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Nature + Technology

Processing plant for extra low-iron quartz sands


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Our processing plant for extra low-iron quartz sands with downstream fully automatic dewatering, storage and loading units was promoted by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Regional Competitiveness and Employment objective (RCE).




Schlingmeier Quarzsand registered to "DVV-Beach 1" by the "Deutsche Volleyball-Verband"


The "Beachvolleyballsand Kristall-Quarzsand" from Schlingmeier Quarzsand was tested in accordance with the directions of the "Deutsche Volleyball-Verband" (DVV) and registered to


Indoor "DVV-Beach 1" as from 01.03.2005.  (Certificate: pdf-file)


DVV Beach 1  =  licensed sand for national team tournaments



Press reports

"Optimizing the Properties of Dispersed Solids with Iterative Blending Calculations Based on the Example of High-Grade Industrial Sands". Aufbereitungs Technik - Mineral Processing (42, August 2001, No. 8, Page 378/385), Author: Dr.-Ing. Manfred Höller, Schlingmeier Quarzsand GmbH & Co. KG.


Summary   SQ-EOP application software, developed on the basis of Visual Basic, can be used for the integral analysis, evaluation and optimization of complex material properties of disperse solids, without necessitating any changes to the production conditions. The program is based on blending calculations. The software technology has been used successfully since the beginning of 1997 in two sand works owned by Schlingmeier Quarzsand GmbH & Co. KG. A considerable reduction has been achieved in the deposit- and production-related variations in the material properties of the saleable products. In addition, the program enables the user to analyse special customer requirements, even extremely complex defined property distributions, very quickly and offer a product that comes closest to meeting customer specifications. Moreover, the software ensures optimal utilization of the available raw material resources by incorporating deficiency and surplus studies. A numeric simulation of the screening process integrated in the program is used to avoid production-related bottlenecks and surpluses. In this report, the application and performance features of the program are explained firstly in principle and then based on a typical application.




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